Gravity | Density

by Jesse Allison & Anthony Marasco

Gravity | Density is a work for cyber-hacked devices and Web Audio applications with thematic material drawn from humankind’s fascination with the universe.

In Gravity | Density, we begin by manipulating fixed-audio sources through the performance of hacked CD players. The sonic results of this mangled audio is sampled and then distributed to the audience’s mobile devices in both passive and interactive manners. Passive distributions allow us to create intricately-spatialized rhythmic interplay between the glitching CD players and the blanket of overlapping samples dispersed throughout the networked audience. Active distributions allow the audience to join in our performance; by sampling small portions of the audio, processing and looping these sounds and sending them back to the performers, we string this audio together and feed it into a cyber-controlled distortion pedal before sending it back to the audience for more manipulation. This results in overlapping cycles of control and audio generation between performer, audience, network, and machine.

Performance Video


Gravity | Density recording



Gravity | Density in performance


Gravity | Density mobile UI

gravHub console display

gravHub with audience members - lots of audience members

Project Development

Gravity | Density in development

gravHub development display

gravHub development display of audience samples

Video Demonstration

Anonymized Performance Video

Anonymized Project Development Video